Q. What is the best-ever made song?
A. It is "Silence" by Delerium in the DJ Tiesto in search of sunrise remix.

Q. What are his favourite authors?
A. He likes Peter Hoeg (Smilla's Sense For Snow and The Woman And The Ape), Daniel Pennac (the Malaussene saga), Banana Yoshimoto (Kitchen and Tsugumi), Michael Chricton (Jurassic Park and The Lost World) and Patricia Cornwell.

Q. What are his fave foods?
A. Definitely lasagna, beef filet, beef tartare and french fries (ketchup, no mayo). Not to mention he is addicted to kebap!

Q. What are his fave television series?
A. Silver adores "Fringe", "The Walking Dead" and "Lost".

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Mario Jannelli